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IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light.
It is not a true laser because it has multiple wavelengths, where a laser has only one.
This means we can offer more services...


laser hair removal london ontario
  1. Laser Hair Removal
    Afterglow Laser Spa uses a US made, Palomar Starlux, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system to perform permanent hair removal services. Hair Removal can be done most everywhere on the body, except close to the eyes. This machine can safely service Fitzpatrick skin types 2-4, (Example: Caucasian to light coloured Mediterranean, Asian & European), and the skin must not have any residual sun tan, or tan creams like Fakebake. Hair must have colour to be treated, and cannot be white, grey or lightest blond. Best results occur when the skin colour is lighter than that of the hair colour. Permanent hair removal requires a minimum of 6 treatments, done 6-8 weeks apart, due to the hair growth cycle. Get 1 FREE treatment by purchasing 5 treatments, up front (6 Packs). If you are new, take advantage of our Intro Packs 6 for $150, see the home page for details. Prices vary depending on the size of the area treated.
  2. Sun Spots
    Our Palomar can target anything brown that is seen on the skins surface, as long as it is flat. This can be done anywhere on the body, except the eyelid, and usually has best results at 4-6 treatments, done 4-6 weeks apart. Some people require more visits, some require less. Due to this being a non-invasive service, one treatment will not be sufficient to remove all of the pigment. This makes it possible to go back to your daily activities with no down-time. You can choose to target a single spot, or a larger area like a full face (photofacial), arms, chest, legs, backs of hands, neck, shoulders, (photobody). Prices vary depending on the size of the area treated.
  3. Spider Veins & Red Spots
    Afterglow Laser Spa can treat anything red to purple in colour that can be seen on the skins surface. Spider veins, cherry angiomas, and rosacea are prime examples. This service can be done on most of the body, including the nostrils, face, legs, etc. Best results will be seen anywhere from 6-8 visits, some people require more treatments, some require less. Prices vary depending on the size of the area treated.
  4. Photofacial & Photobody
    This treatment is a combination of the vascular and pigmented lesion treatments. On the face it is known as a photofacial, on the body, it is called a photobody service. This typically treats a larger area of the skin, for both red and brown spots. It is a great treatment for those with freckles, sun spots, and redness in the skin, like spider veins, red spots, and rosacea. This can greatly improve skin tone, evening out the colour, taking years off the look of your skin. This can cause permanent hair loss, so men must be aware of this when working on the face and neck. This treatment is a series of 4-8 treatments. Some people may require more visits, some may require less. Prices vary depending on the size of the area treated.
  5. Rosacea Treatments
    Rosacea is treated by targeting the redness in the skin. The tiny capillaries are closed off, disallowing blood to fill them again. This greatly reduces redness, and heat associated with rosacea and can help decrease the production of papules that can often accompany roasacea. Treatments are non-invasive, but will cause a darkening of the redness anywhere from 2 days or more. The body will absorb this, and the redness will decrease. Common treatment areas are in the face, neck and chest. Typically treatments can range from 4-8 visits. Prices vary depending on the size of the area treated.
  6. Men's Treatments
    Men can have any services listed in our service catalog. It is important to remember that permanent hair loss is a side effect to IPL treatments. For men, if facial hair is in the area they wish to treat, they will lose hair in that area. Popular treatments for men are hair removal in the neck and back, chest and abdomen, backs of hands and top of the feet and ears. The hair must have colour, and cannot be grey, white or lightest blond. Men also benefit from spider vein treatments on the nose and face. Prices vary depending on the size of the area treated.

Why should you have your IPL services done with us?

Education is important to our founder. Cara Lee has undergone a full-time cartificate program, consisting of 400 hours of in-class laser theory, and another 400 hours of hands-on clinical practicum. 

Did you know, many technicians offering laser hair removal and other IPL services, are trained over 2-3 days by the company who rents the laser? Most of what is taught is how to read the manual. 

Systems being used are a class 4 medical grade machine. Because Canada does not have regulations, this puts many people at risk, allowing anyone to rent and operate a laser, or IPL machine.
At afterglow Laser Spa, we will go the exrta mile for our clients, and most importantly, try our very best to keep them as safe as possible.

Cara Lee
Certified Laser Technician
Certfied Microblading Artist
​& Founder of Afterglow Laser Spa