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Photfacial & Photbody:

What can this service do for you? 

  • Even your skin complexion: by targeting red and brown pigmentation on your skins surface, you can shave a few years off of your skin, making it appear brighter, and more even toned. This service can be done anywhere on the body.

  • Sooth rosacea: by closing the tiny capillaries that are filled with blood, you will feel relief in the amount of heat they can produce, and enjoy less rosy looking cheeks.

  • Help smooth fine lines: this service activates your skins collagen production, which helps to push fine lines up from the inside out.

  • Help tighten pores: by activating the collagen production in your skin, it not only helps with fine lines, but it also helps reduce the size of your pores.

How does it work?

  • Lasers Target Colour: your brown and red spots are targeted using secific wavelengths of light. It's all very complex, and quite possibly boring to explain. But, the results are achieved by converting light into heat. In short, we shine light at the pigments in your skin, and their colour creates a heat conversion. Non-invasively, the heat then destroys the target 10-15% at a time.

How many visits will it take?

  • On Average: you can expect to come 4 or more times. Each visit will affect 10-15% of the pigmentation--browns or reds. ​As the colour is reduced,  there will be less heat created. This means you can expect to see the best results through your first number of treatments.

Can I go back to business as usual?

  • Yes: this is a non-invasive service, meaning there is no down-time. You will notice that the browns will go darker temporarily, and so will the reds. However, this can be covered with makeup immediately, and will subside over the next few days.

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