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Our Pricing
At Afterglow Laser Spa, we firmly believe in a "No Surprises" way of doing business. ​​
You will always be made aware of the best price variations before we begin any service.
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Laser Hair Removal Prices
Laser Hair Removal Quick Facts

Body hair has 3 growth phases, that take 6-8 weeks to complete. Only one phase has enough colour in the root for a laser to be able to permanently destroy the bulb, where new hair forms. There is 12-15% of your hair in this phase at any given time. The average visits it takes to permanently remove hair is 6 or more times, booked every 6-8 weeks.
Hair needs to be connected to the root, so do not wax, tweeze, use epilators or chemical hair removers for 4 weeks before your fist visit.
BONUS: Unlike, waxing, you can feel free to shave as much as you want between visits! 

Be sure to check out our bundled prices, get more coverage at a reduced price. Bundles are not included in additional promotional pricing.

Our prices are based on average shot counts used in a given area. Therefore, prices can vary based on surface area covered.
Our bodies are naturally different sizes. You will always be made aware of any changes beforehand.

Areas from the Neck Up:

45      Upper Lip
45      Chin
45      Sideburns
45      Cheeks
60      Nape of Neck
125    Full Face
70      Half Face

For Men:

100   Men's Half Face & Front of Neck
80     Beard Shaping - Cheaks and Front of neck
​90     Men's Nape of Neck & Traps
Areas From the Waist Down:

125    Brazilian or Deep Bikini
80      Bikini​
280    Full Legs for Women​​
175    Upper Legs​
150    Lower Legs​
45      Feet & Toes

Current Promotions:
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Laser Hair Removal Bundles:

85       Half Face & Front of Neck
99       Upper Lip, Chin & Underarm Trio (per session)
​150     Full Arms & Underarms​
225     Neck & Full Back
260     Women's Neck, Back & Buttocks
325     Men's Neck, Back & Buttocks
80       Navel & Lower Abdomen
260     Front Torso (collarbone to waist line)
150     Brazilian or Deep Bikini & Inner Thigh
105     Bikini & Inner Thigh
325     Full Leg & Brazilian or Deep Bikini
300     Full Leg & Bikini
220     Lower Legs & Brazilian or Deep Bikini
245     Lower Legs & Brazilian or Deep Bikini & Inner Thigh
200     Lower Legs & Bikini
225     Lower Legs & Bikini & Inner Thigh​
150     Men's Grooming Bundle: Nape, Traps & 1 Beard option

Areas From the Shoulders to Buttocks:

70      Underarms
125    Full Arms
80      ¾ Arms (wrist to mid-upper arm)
65      Lower Arms
70      Upper Arms
175    Chest (collarbone to ribs)
150    Stomach (below ribs to waist line)
80      Buttocks
​60      Between the Cheeks
70      Lower Back
45      Navel & Navel Line
60      Areolas
45      Hands & Fingers Only
Laser Skin Service Prices
​​​Photofacial & Photobody Quick Facts

This service targets unwanted reds & browns on the skin’s surface & improves the look of skin tone, and texture. Lasers target colour, and create a conversion of light to heat. Light is a rainbow of colour--skin has colour, blood has colour, freckles are coloured. By shining laser light onto colours in the skin, we can create the heat conversion. The more colour present, the more heat is created. It is this heat that helps destroy the target. This service is great for Rosacea, Cherry Angiomas, Spider Veins, Freckles, Sun Spots, Liver Spots, Fine Lines, Enlarged Pores, and Collagen Remodeling.

NB: Photofacial & Photobody Services can cause permanent hair loss.
​​ Areas from the Neck Up:

80       Cheeks & Chin
180     Full Photofacial
45       Add Front of the Neck*
45       Add Back of the Neck*​
Areas from the Collarbone to Waistline:

200    Shoulders (shirt collar to shoulder blades)
250    Shoulders, Lats & Back of Neck*
200    Chest (above areolas to collarbone)
250    Womens Full Arms & Shoulders*
350    Full arms, Shoulders, Lats
           & Back of the Neck*
60      Hands
60      Feet

Vascular Lesion Treatment Quick Facts

Rosacea and other red pigmentation on the skins surface, is caused by damage to our vascular system, usually the result of sun exposure, extreme temperature exposure, pinching the skin, and heredity. The tiny capillaries are overworked, over time and loose their elacticiy. They become unable to open and close, and just remain open and filled with blood. They commonly appear as cherry angiomas, spider veins and rosacea. By shining laser light onto our red blood cells, the heat conversion colapses the tiny cappilaries, disallowing blood to enter again. The vascular lesions become less visible over a series of treatments, without causing any invasion into the skin, allowing you to go back to your daily routines immediately.

​NB: Vascular Lesion Treatments can cause permanent hair loss.
Spider Veins & Anything Red to Purple:

45     Spot Treat (1 square inch)
60     Per Triangle 
         (thumbs and pointers together)
45     Nostrils
55     Nostrils & Upper Lip
100   Facial Cheeks (2 triangles)*

Referral Reward Program

We've created the Referral Reward Program to help put money back in your bank, & let you pay it forward too!

1. If you are an existing client, you can refer a friend, by giving them our card, with your name on it.

2. As a new client, they can bring the card in and get $25 off any regularly priced service.

3. If they book with us, a $25 credit will be added to your Afterglow Laser Spa account, to use on regular priced services!

There are no limits to referral credits!
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